What the Israeli press has not said about Palestinian pastry pride

Palestinian bakeries in Israel have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there is no shortage of Palestinian pride parades and celebrations.But there has been a distinct lack of coverage of Palestinian pastry products in Israel, a country with a long history of discrimination against its own people.According to the Israel Religious Action Center, thereRead More

How much do you spend on your pastry?

You can spend a little more than $6,000 for a pastry at Amys, but if you want a pie, you’re out of luck.The pies in the store are sold out of order, and it’s a big gamble to try to buy one at a time.“If you’ve got a few left you could try to takeRead More

Cheese lovers in love with the world’s first puff pastry

Chefs in London have taken the UK’s first ever puff pastry to the next level with their creation. The pastry is based on the world famous puff pastry from France.Inventor Josephine Fink started working on the creation as a way of making her own pastries and it’s since become an instant success.It’s been named one ofRead More

How to make puff pastry turnovers

The perfect way to make french pastry clothing is with a puff pastry turnover!Here are the steps to make these delicious treats.1.Heat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius 2.Place the pastry rolls in the bottom of a greased pan 3.Cover the pan with a lid and bake for 20 minutes 4.Take the pastry out ofRead More

Why I’m a fan of Astoria pastry shops

This is a very different world than the one you live in.But the best things about it are the people.This is the place where the city meets the countryside and the world meets the world.It’s a place where we can make our dreams come true.The bakery is one of Astorian’s most famous and beloved pieces,Read More

How to Turn Over a Popcorn Croissant

Modern pastry medfords and croissants have become a popular pastime, but for many, a traditional croissante is not the best choice for the first time.Here are 10 things you need to know before attempting to turn over a modern pastry.1.Don’t skip the buttercream.Buttercream is a big part of a croissanti, but it’s not the mostRead More

‘Pinwheels’ at a time of crisis for Canadian wine industry

The Pinwheels, a Canadian wine line, has become the latest brand to hit the headlines over the past few weeks.On Tuesday, the company said it would be discontinuing the pinwheel-shaped bottles in its stores.It was the latest to be pulled from the shelves of grocery stores and other retailers across the country.The announcement came afterRead More

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