Why I’m a fan of Astoria pastry shops

This is a very different world than the one you live in.But the best things about it are the people.This is the place where the city meets the countryside and the world meets the world.It’s a place where we can make our dreams come true.The bakery is one of Astorian’s most famous and beloved pieces,Read More

How to make the perfect cake, pie and muffin

A sweet and savory dessert recipe for a quick and easy day of dessert is just what you need for a busy weekend.Read moreThe recipe comes from the blog, The Cake Book, a popular food blog that includes recipes for cakes, pies, muffins and pastries.It’s a quick, easy way to make a cake, muffin orRead More

How to name your Italian Pastries

By NFL.com staff,Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018 3:55:42When you’re looking for a new pastry to serve at your next Italian party, you’re probably going to have to look beyond the usual list of ingredients.Some recipes will use the name of an Italian restaurant or pastry shop, while others might refer to ingredients from a specific regionRead More

Bismarcks pastry strain causes food poisoning in children

The bismarack strain of the pastry strain known as “bismack” causes food-borne illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The strain, which is not widely distributed in the United States, is thought to be a result of contaminated pastry in New York City, according the CDC.It’s been reported that children and adults withRead More

How much is a cup of coffee worth?

The average price of a cup is now about $2.55.According to data from the United States Mint, the average cost of a coffee in 2016 was about $0.79.That compares to the $0 the average person in the U.S. pays for a cup on average.The Mint also says the average price per cup of joe roseRead More

Which of the following is the best short crust pastry?

Shortcrust is a simple crust pastry that’s not too sweet or too sweet and it’s great for those that like a sweet crust.It’s also great for making the perfect dessert.The shortcrust recipe is so simple and delicious, and the results are always the same. In this post, we’re going to show you how to make yourRead More

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