‘Pinwheels’ at a time of crisis for Canadian wine industry

The Pinwheels, a Canadian wine line, has become the latest brand to hit the headlines over the past few weeks.On Tuesday, the company said it would be discontinuing the pinwheel-shaped bottles in its stores.It was the latest to be pulled from the shelves of grocery stores and other retailers across the country.The announcement came afterRead More

Puff pastry pinwheel in spain

A puff pastry pin wheel in spaniardic style is made of a dough of the same shape as a pastry, which is made with the filling made of the dough in the same way as pastry dough.Puff pastry is a traditional dish made from dough and filled with filling made from butter or milk, whichRead More

How to make a Korean pastry from scratch

By now, you’re probably thinking: “Oh my god, how do I make Korean pastry?”There are several ways to do this, of course.The most common method is to start with an empty bowl, then fill it with a mixture of ingredients from your own pantry.The other method is much simpler: you use a pastry blender andRead More

A little of everything in this pizza shop

New York City’s iconic pizza shop, Pizzeria Astoria, has been closed since March of this year.It was the first closure of its kind in the city’s history, as it was built in 1912 and reopened in 1926, after being gutted and demolished by a fire.As the story goes, Astoria owner Robert and his wife wereRead More

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