The Danish pastry craze and why it’s not so good for you

A new Danish pastry trend, a “puff pastry” made with a homemade puff pastry dough and a mix of cocoa powder and cream, has sparked debate on social media.

The new trend is being called “Puff Puff Cake” or “Punch Cake”.

According to a Dutch news website, the new product has been created by a company called Kompassen.

“Puff puffs are sweet, fluffy and a treat for all, but they are expensive,” said the website.

Kompassens owner, Jørgen Brouwers, told The Associated Press news agency the product is meant to be “more affordable” than “cookie cake” or even “puff cake” and is sold for less than a pound (1.5kg) on its website.

“It’s meant to satisfy the sweet tooth and not to be a dessert product,” Brouwer said.

Puff puff cakes are typically sold in shops for around 20-30 euros ($23-35) but they can be made by a baker at home.

In the Netherlands, where puff pastry is considered a classic pastry, people make their own puff pastry by hand.

The traditional recipe is the same as in France, with the addition of milk and butter.

In the United States, where a lot of puff pastry comes from Europe, the traditional puff pastry recipe is to make a cake of butter and flour, then to add whipped cream and powdered sugar.

The new “puff puff cake” has not been available on the market yet.

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