India’s first ‘bread’ made of cardboard, wood and cardboard

The first Indian bread, a wooden one made with cardboard and cardboard pellets, was created by a team of researchers at a Delhi university.

The team of students at the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Technicians (ICTST) have made bread from cardboard, bamboo, bamboo straw, cardboard, cardboard pellets and cardboard paper.

The paper and cardboard ingredients were first synthesized by researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in India.

“The paper was the hardest and the pellets the easiest,” said Prof. Rakesh Kumar, the paper’s principal investigator, in a press statement.

“The pellets were produced from the waste of a large-scale plastic production in a rural area in Kerala.

This paper was produced using a process called pyrolysis, which is a natural process in which water is introduced into a polymer to produce a polymer.”

Paper and cardboard are the most common materials used in traditional bread production in India, but most traditional breads in India are made using bamboo straw and plastic pellets.

In India, the use of paper and paper pellets has become a significant part of the food industry, and in fact, more than half of the paper and plastic that is consumed in India comes from paper pellets.

“In India alone, we consume more paper and polyethylene than plastic pellets,” said Kavita Vaidyanathan, a research associate at the institute.

“Our paper-and-paper pellets are used for about 90% of the country’s food production.

In addition, we use paper for printing paper, packaging and paper packaging.”

According to the ICTST researchers, paper-paper-paper is the most commonly used material for bread production worldwide.

The researchers hope that the success of the new paper-made bread will pave the way for making paper- and paper-pellets in the future.

“We are very excited about the outcome of this project, because it is the first time we have been able to create a paper-based bread,” said Dr. Rajiv Kumar, a member of the IITT team who led the paper-making effort.

“This project will enable us to develop our next-generation paper-baking method.

We plan to produce three batches of paper-makers.”

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