Why is a guava pie worth $10?

A frozen puff pastry is something you could eat for breakfast or lunch, but you might not want to eat it for dinner.

A guava dessert?

That’s what the chefs at the popular Guava restaurant in New York City have been working on.

It’s the first dessert you can order with a guavas name and flavor.

But what exactly is it?

A guavacal is a sweet, creamy pastry with a layer of fruit on top.

The idea behind it is that a lot of people eat it on the weekends because they don’t like to get dessert at dinner.

And when they get dessert, it’s usually a lot sweeter than what they were eating before.

But when they’re out, they can eat it straight from the oven.

This is the kind of dessert you’ll want to have on hand for the next day.

And since it’s the second-most popular dessert in New Yorker households, it is an extremely popular dessert.

It is also quite pricey.

A frozen guava will run you $20.

But that’s because they’re made of a thin layer of pastry.

And that’s not something you can easily make yourself.

You need a pastry machine to make it.

And to make the pastry, the chefs use a method called ricocheting, in which you dip a cookie sheet into egg whites and mix it with a whisk until it becomes a fine paste.

And then, you have to gently fold it into the pastry.

So the trick is to be precise.

If you want the pastry to stay soft, you want to mix it in a way that will create a smooth layer of egg whites, which will make it more difficult to get the pastry onto the parchment paper.

The chefs say you’ll also need to let the pastry rest for a few minutes.

And if you want it to be crispy and gooey, you’ll need to wait until it’s cool.

It takes a little practice, and it’s not perfect.

The pastry has a soft, fluffy texture that makes it harder to hold, but it’s also much easier to fold it in when you’re done.

And the chefs say they’ve never tried to make a guacamole in a blender.

But it would be a good addition to the menu.

They also plan to introduce guacayas into their regular menu this fall.

“We’ve had a lot requests for guacavalas,” said Daniel DePillis, the chef who has been working at the restaurant since 2011.

And he said he’s had people ask him for guava pies for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve.

But he says his goal is to have the pastry available for every single family, whether you are a first-time family member, a holiday guest, or a family member.

And even if you don’t want to make your own, you can always order a frozen guavavalas at the cafe.

But the chefs are excited about the possibilities of guava desserts.

“There’s something magical about the guava, and when it comes to cooking, it really can be a little bit tricky,” said DePills.

“You need to get that texture right, because you can’t make it right on the spot.

But with the technology that we have now, we can have a pastry that’s perfect for us.”

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