When the first ice cream came out, it was just one thing: ice cream, now it’s an empire!

Cornish pastry has been a staple in Indian food for thousands of years.

It is made from ground rice, sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. 

It is a simple recipe but one that has taken on many variations over the centuries. 

Some Indian restaurants serve it with a curry sauce, some with cream, some without. 

The popular Cornish Pastry, also known as the Cornish Pie, is made of ground rice. 

The recipe was invented in the early 1600s by Samuel Johnson, a British chemist and cookbook author. 

“When Johnson first came across a recipe for making Cornish Peas, he made one from it,” says Sarah-Ellen McBride, an author and historian at the University of Kent. 

 “He named it after his daughter Cornish, who was a Cornish princess, so that is why the name is Cornish Pudding. 

It’s a rich, velvety pudding with a little cream and the usual flavours of spices.” 

“It’s the first time the recipe has been recorded as being written down, so it’s very good for people to know about it.” 

McBride, who is also a Cornfield Museum and Historical Society member, says it is often described as a “Cornish Pastrami”. 

It has also become a favourite in the US. 

On the US menu it is made with the same ingredients as Indian food. 

This past week, a popular Indian restaurant in New York introduced a new version of the Cornishing Pie to its menu. 

Cornish Pie is now available at The Bamboo Bar and Kitchen in New Hyde Park. 

In the video above, the owner of the restaurant explains the origins of the dish. 

But it’s not just the US where Indian restaurants have developed recipes. 

India’s history in the past has also been a fascinating exploration of food, politics and culture. 

One of the earliest documented incidents of a war took place on the battlefield in the 16th century. 

According to the book The Story of India by Raman Singh, soldiers from the British East India Company, were sent by Queen Victoria to find a way to win the war in India. 

Their plan involved taking the Indian army on a trek through India and eventually capturing a fort. 

Raman Singh wrote: They were not the only ones who were in the region. 

A contingent of British soldiers and officers, including a Lieutenant Colonel, arrived in Bengal on October 31, 1607. 

By the time the soldiers reached the fort, the Indian forces were outnumbered by the British. 

With the fort destroyed, the British withdrew. 

Later, the fort became a place of pilgrimage for British and Indian troops, who would visit it to celebrate the victory. 

During the 19th century, Indian cuisine was influenced by the European and American cuisines. 

Indian recipes included a variety of meats, including beef, mutton and lamb. 

Today, Indian food is also popular in the West. 

There are more than 20,000 Indian restaurants in the United States, and most are located in the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. 

Carnival food, like Indian food, is often served at Indian restaurants across the country. 

While Indian food has always been a part of American culture, it is gaining popularity in the UK. 

Its popularity is also growing in India, where many are taking on the role of ambassadors, bringing their culinary knowledge to the US and across the world. 

Read more about Indian food here: India is a country of nearly 1 billion people.

It has more than 7 million people living in it. 

To see where you can eat Indian food in the country, check out this guide to eating in India: The country has over 20 million restaurants. 

They are known for their authentic food, and there are plenty of Indian restaurants serving Indian food to eat. 

What’s a curry? 

A curry is a savoury curry dish, made from curd, milk, vegetables and spices, usually cooked with onions and spices. 

Most curry is made in the northern parts of India, but the southern part is home to a wide variety of Indian food that is more exotic and traditional. 

Why is Indian food so popular in America? 

India was founded by the Portuguese in 1522, but has been ruled by British India since 1789. 

Some of the most famous Indian chefs are Indian-American Indian chefs like Karnataka’s Ramachandra Guha. 

He has won numerous awards and the country is renowned for its food.

Indian food has been used as an ingredient in a number of American foods including Fried Chicken, Creamed Chicken, Indian Spiced Chicken, Fried Vegetables, Indian Past

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