Why are Greeks so fond of pastry desserts?

The pastry is everywhere in Greece and it has been for centuries.

People love it and it is a way of life.

Greek food has become very popular.

The word Greek is used everywhere and is used for everything.

It is the most important part of Greek culture.

People also use it to decorate their homes, offices and offices of course.

The main part of the Greek culture is the pastry.

The pastry was invented in Greece by Greeks and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century.

They have been baking the pastry in Greece since the 4th century AD.

People call it the greatest pastry in the world.

The Greek pastry is made by mixing dough, water, yeast and sugar.

They also call the pastry dough “sauce” and make it in a special oven with a metal plate.

The ingredients are then carefully blended until the pastry is soft, fluffy and rich.

Greek desserts are made from dough that is kneaded in water.

They add cream, butter and eggs.

The cream is used to make the filling and eggs are added to make a custard.

There are two types of pastry doughs: sour dough and white.

Sour dough is made in a similar way as dough made in an oven.

You can make it any time of the day.

Sourdough dough is usually made from a mixture of ingredients.

This is called a sour dough.

White dough is similar to a dough made from milk or cream.

It has a thin consistency.

You may use it for pancakes, custard, cookies or a variety of other types of breads.

The sour dough can be made with all sorts of ingredients and there are different types of sourdough in different parts of the world including Europe, America and Asia.

It can be used in a variety different ways and the taste of sour dough is different.

There is a great variety of sour and white doughs.

Sour-dough recipes vary a lot, but you can make a delicious version of this classic Greek pastry.

White-dish recipes can be different depending on the type of dough you use.

You might make a pastry that is made with white dough, a sweet dough, or a pastry with sour dough, all of which are made with water.

A pastry with white and sour doughs has the same taste.

White and sour dessicated doughs can also be used for making pie filling and cake filling.

In addition, white-dissicated dough has a more firm texture than sour dough so you can shape it with a spoon or pastry cutter.

White, sour and golden-dried dough are the most popular type of dessied pastry in Europe and the Middle East.

The golden-dyed dessication dough is more dense than the white-dyessicated and has a slightly softer texture.

Both types of designed dough are sometimes called poulashos, which is Greek for pastry dough.

There can be more than one type of white and golden dessided dough in a pastry.

Poulasho dough can also contain sour, sweet and white ingredients.

It’s more dense and can be baked for many hours in an oiled oven.

In the past, there were two types: white and brown.

Brown dough was used to bake pastry and brown-dyemused dessications were used to prepare sweet and sour pies.

These days, white and black dessisions are used in pastry and are more refined than brown-dessications.

The brown dessiders have a more dense texture and are usually made with cream or milk.

The filling of a white- and golden diessication is usually a pastry filling.

This kind of pastry can be decorated with a variety types of fillings.

It consists of pastry, butter, eggs, nuts, fruit and spices.

In some countries, you can use it in desserts and also in a dough-based dessert.

For example, in France, the filling is made from pastry, cream and sugar and is called leche.

In Italy, the pie-dessert is made of pastry and filling.

There’s a pastry dessert in Germany called the kalache and in England it’s called the peckish.

The pastries are made of butter, egg, cream, sugar and salt.

The butter and the cream are added during the baking process.

The sugar is also added to the filling during the filling process.

In general, the pastries can be eaten as they are.

You usually make a lot of pastries.

You have to try them all.

You don’t want to miss any of them.

The sweet pastries that you can buy in the shops are the best.

The white pastries and the sour pastries have become very common.

They are made for special occasions, especially when you are invited to a party.

The desserts are also made by the same people.

Some of the people who make these desserts are friends of the

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