‘This is our last day at school’: Teacher explains how school breaks down

Teachers are leaving their classrooms and heading home to prepare for the last day of classes.

One of the biggest challenges facing schools is staff shortages, with many teachers and principals being replaced by staff from the new apprenticeship scheme.

But some teachers have been forced to look to their children for inspiration and are putting together recipes.

One teacher from the Lincs, South Africa, said: “When I first started at the school I thought it was going to be a lot of work.

I thought I would be getting home at six in the morning and I would have to get dressed for school.

I was surprised to find that we had all been able to stay up all night to make some of our favourite cakes and desserts, so it was a good idea.”

The new apprenticeships offer an alternative to a traditional school day and are an excellent way to prepare children for a career in education.

A local bakery was one of the many bakeries that had been preparing and distributing food to the school, and said it had been overwhelmed by the demand.

“We have received so much interest in our cakes and cakes by-products, the cakes are really delicious and I can’t wait to put them on the shelves and put them in the oven,” said Jenny Loeser.

The Linc is located in the northern city of Nkandla, and is a small community.

The school has a capacity of about 100 students, but the majority of the students live at home.

In an interview with the BBC, teacher Mabel de Sousa said that in her previous job, there was a constant stream of visitors and children, who would often come into the classroom and try to teach the pupils a new thing.

“But this time we have more kids who have come here, and they don’t seem to come in for the purpose of teaching them.

They just come to get food, and I’ve had to adjust my work hours to accommodate them,” she said.

One local bakery has already received more than 30 orders of cakes.

“I have had some people come in and say they want to make a cake, they can’t find anything in the supermarket.

They have come in here and we are all making a cake,” she explained.

The bakery is now preparing some of the school’s best-loved cakes and pastries.

“It’s not only the children who are really enjoying the cakes, but also the adults as well.

It’s a real privilege to be able to create something so unique and unique that will not only be sold in the local markets but also sold in schools around the country,” she added.

This is the first in a series of reports about the changes that are taking place in South Africa.

We will be posting more as they happen.

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