How to find the perfect chicken custard recipe

Desserts made with chicken and custard are a favorite of the culinary arts.

Now, an American restaurant in France is using the traditional dish to serve up some more.

According to the BBC, a new restaurant in Lyon, France, is opening a second restaurant specializing in traditional French desserts called the Chicken and Custard Shoppe.

This is the second restaurant in a row that’s using chicken and the custard to create a meal for their guests.

In 2013, a restaurant in Los Angeles was the first to make this traditional dish at home, with a chicken pie called the Choussillon.

That recipe has since become a staple for restaurants throughout the country.

While chicken and cream is considered a dessert, the term chicken custards is more commonly used in the food industry.

The term is actually a contraction of custard and custis, as custards are made with custard.

While this recipe is not traditional, it’s quite delicious and easy to make.

The restaurant’s website says the custards will be served with a custard cake.

This recipe is a collaboration between the chicken custardo and the Chicken Shoppe restaurant.

It’s been a long time coming, the website says.

The chicken custare has been around for thousands of years.

Its origins are in Italy, where the dish is made with ground chicken and flour.

The Italian word for custard is “custardo.”

The dish has a long history in France, as the chicken was used to make a cake and a sauce.

The custard was also used to prepare cheese.

The recipe for this chicken custardy has been developed over the years by chefs who know their way around the restaurant business.

In a press release, the restaurant said it’s the first chicken custade to be made in this way in Europe.

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