Cheese lovers in love with the world’s first puff pastry

Chefs in London have taken the UK’s first ever puff pastry to the next level with their creation.

 The pastry is based on the world famous puff pastry from France.

Inventor Josephine Fink started working on the creation as a way of making her own pastries and it’s since become an instant success.

It’s been named one of the world´s best cheesecakes and the Guinness World Records is holding an awards ceremony in May to recognise the pastry’s success.

The pastry uses only a couple of ingredients and the best part is, they taste absolutely amazing.

I have been making these for about 20 years and it´s a very unique way to use pastry.

Josephine has told me the pastry is also very versatile.

It comes in all different shapes, sizes and flavours.

The main thing is that it´ll be perfect for a puff pastry or a sandwich.

The best part about this is that the ingredients can be easily changed, it is just about making a few changes to what you want.

Josephine tells me she has been experimenting with different ingredients, using different types of cream and cheese.

She also uses a couple different types and shapes of puff pastry and the results have been amazing.

Josephines first puff is called the Fink, a puff cake that uses a lot of pastry.

She has also been experimenting by making her puff pastry into the same shape as a pastry cutter and then using different puff pastry shapes.

Her puff pastry is the best because it is so simple and easy to make.

Josephine says the puff pastry has been a huge hit with the public and she has even seen her family making the same.

She says it is something she is very proud of.

I think it´ks just because it´ s not expensive, it has such a wonderful flavour and it is easy to use.

I have a lot more puff pastry going on now because the pastry has become so popular.

It is one of those things that people love.

I hope I can keep making it.

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