Disney’s ‘Puff and Pop’ returns for new season

Disney’s “Puff” is back for a third season in 2017 and it’s all about nostalgia.

We spoke with the cast and creative team to discuss the show’s return to the Disney Parks and resorts, the new season’s theme, and why the new episode won’t be available on Netflix until next year.1.

Are we going to see more of these characters?2.

What does it mean to be a ‘Puffed Up’ Puff?3.

What do the kids have to say about ‘Puffer Puff’?4.

How do the new “Puffer” costumes compare to the old ones?5.

Who’s coming back?6.

Are the new characters coming to the parks in the new seasons?7.

Will there be a new costume for the new PuffPuffs?8.

Are there any other Puff characters coming back in the second season?9.

What is the deal with the new character?10.

What’s going on with ‘Puck?’11.

What happened with ‘Honey Boo Boo?’12.

What was the deal about the new ‘Hook and Ladder’ costume?13.

Who was the original “Puffs’ teacher in ‘Puffs’?14.

What did the original Puff do in ‘Tales of a Puffed Up Puff’?15.

What kind of story is this going to be about?16.

Are Puffs going to get back to their original job?17.

Who is going to lead the Puff team?18.

How many ‘PUFF’ episodes are there?19.

What are the different costumes?20.

Is the ‘Puffy’ season coming back as well?21.

Will the ‘Wacky Puff-Puff’ be coming back or is he going to return?22.

Are these Puff costumes going to have a new theme in ‘Witchy Puff?’23.

What will happen to the ‘Hawk’ character?24.

Will Puffs have more ‘Hoop’ moments in ‘Hoo-Hoo!’?25.

How will the ‘Frog’ character look?26.

Will they be the same in the first and second seasons?27.

What were some of the new songs and lyrics in the show?28.

Will this be the first season with a female Puffpuffs?29.

What kinds of Puff themed merchandise will be available in the parks?30.

What sort of merchandise are Puff and Poppies going to wear?31.

How did Puff get to where he is in the ‘hobby’ world?32.

Will these Puffs be able to go on a ‘walk’ around the parks on their own?33.

Will you be able go on one of these ‘walkabouts’ in the park?34.

Will “Puffy” have any real adventures on a walk?35.

What happens if Puff doesn’t have enough time to go shopping?36.

Will ‘Pump’ and ‘Punch’ be returning to the park in the same episodes?37.

Will their new roles change at all?38.

How much does the ‘punch’ character get to do?39.

What about ‘Boom Boom’ in ‘Bubble Bubbles’?40.

How does ‘Babysitter’ get her new job?41.

Who will be in ‘Frozen’ in “Frozen Fever?”42.

What can the kids say about the ‘Tangled Puff & Poppys’ Halloween costume?43.

Will any of these new Puffs wear a new ‘Pookie costume?’44.

Will we see any new ‘Lion’ characters in “The Lion King” this year?45.

Are ‘Poo Puffs’ going to come back in “Poo-Poo” in “Bubbles & Biscuits?”46.

Will anyone ever stop Puff from using his powers?47.

Will he ever get the power of a ‘Hitchcock’?48.

Is there going to even be a “Puffed up” Puff in “Disney’s The Lion King”?49.

How old are Puffs supposed to be?50.

What if Puffs gets pregnant?

What are the new episodes and what are the themes in them?

What’s different about the “Puck” episode?

What was the story behind the ‘Bubbly’ costume in “Sister Bear” and the ‘Dangerous Puffs’?

Will there be more ‘Punk Puffers’?

Will there even be ‘Pork Puffs?’

Will Puffs ever go to a PuffCon?

Will Puff Puff have a “Wacky” moment?

Will “Pump” get married?

Will ‘Pee Puffs'” new role ever be in “Wicked Puff”?”

Will ‘Lily Puff’s’ role ever

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