Which Italian restaurant is best?

A new restaurant is bringing Italian food to Washington, D.C. It’s a “cannolo pastry,” in the style of French pastry.

The pastry is a blend of two ingredients: an almond and an egg.

It uses eggs from different breeds of chickens, but the same ingredients.

This year, the pastry has been on a menu at the Washington Hilton, where diners can order it with or without wine.

It also has a “fancy salad” option.

The pastry is sold at a buffet at the D.O.C., where guests can eat it with a drink, a cocktail, or both.

A couple of other restaurants in the city have tried to imitate the recipe, including The Piedmont, a restaurant in Dupont Circle that makes cannoli and serves it on its patio, but it hasn’t yet been available in the D,C.

The cannolo has been popular in Italy, too, with cannoli dishes such as the fusilli di capiche and capicola.

The Washington Post’s Paul Kane contributed to this report.

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