‘Bored and lonely’ after losing out to Oxford and Cambridge in the Cambridge finals

Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

But for the past two decades, its students have struggled to get the top grades in English literature and the sciences, as well as achieve their full potential in academics and the arts.

The school is facing criticism that its English students have been let down by the way it prepares them.

In fact, the school has struggled to attract top students for years. 

According to a report by the Centre for Higher Education, Cambridge has struggled in recent years to get top grades for the three subjects in English Literature, Music, and the Arts. 

In the Cambridge English Language Centre’s latest assessment, published last week, the university was ranked last in the country for both the number of top-ranked students and the proportion of its students who were “in the top third of their academic output”. 

In 2017, Cambridge placed just below Oxford in the proportion who achieved a top-three grade, and in 2016 it ranked last. 

But, despite its struggles, Cambridge remains the only British university to be ranked first for each of the three categories, according to the centre’s assessment. 

Its graduates have been rewarded with a degree, but not many have taken it in the same way that their counterparts in other English institutions have. 

“There are some students who do not receive the same recognition as their peers, who do get an A but that is because they are able to get a good degree, they are not just a top one, but a top five or six,” said Caroline Tindall, director of education at the Centre. 

The report also found that the proportion at Cambridge who earned a top three grade in English was higher than that in Oxford. 

Despite the challenges facing the university, Tindal said it had managed to attract the top graduates in English. 

Tindall told the BBC: “When you are looking at an institution like Cambridge that is an academic institution that’s looking at a wide range of subjects, and they have a huge population of students, it’s easy to see why the students are more satisfied with their experience and how the school is prepared to help them get there.” 

Tinder has created a series of apps aimed at helping students achieve their degree Read more According to the Cambridge Student Union, the first generation of graduates were not happy with the way they were treated. 

Cambridge students are not always the most successful students, and many have struggled in other subjects, such as English Literature.

“There was a big backlash to that, and we were not pleased about that,” said Dr Rachael Brown, the union’s chief executive.

“A lot of our members were unhappy that there were no more high-achieving students going on to higher levels of education. 

It was a tough time for the students and it was very difficult for the institution. 

We tried to make sure that students were given support to make it through and they were given opportunities to improve.” 

It is believed the student union has taken action to tackle this issue. 

A group of students at Cambridge have been making the case for better student support, and a campaign has been launched to encourage the school to create an ‘English-language curriculum’. 

Camden and Cambridge have had an almost equal number of students graduate in the past 15 years.

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