A New Orleans cook’s best-selling recipe for homemade chicken pies is a chicken pie that’s made in France

PARIS — The chicken pie, like many others, is made in a Paris restaurant, but this one is so good, it’s made from scratch.

That’s why Jenin’s pastry company is calling the chicken pie “A New Orleans Pie,” and they’re selling it at the Paris market.

Jenin’s founder, Annette Mottel, has been making chicken pies since 1974 and has made over 1,200 of them in France.

She started her company after she came to the U.S. with her parents, and now her family is all over France.

Mottell started making chicken pie in New Orleans when she was a child, but it was hard to find good recipes, so she took it to her first market, which was a good place for a new chef to try it out.

She made her first chicken pie at her grandmother’s house, but she wanted to try something different.

She took the pie to the market, and it quickly became one of her favorites.

“We started with a bunch of pieces of bread, and we made a lot of them,” Mottelt said.

When Mottela decided to start her company, she decided to focus on French food.

She and her husband, a pastry chef named Patrick, were always making the chicken pies, and they wanted to make the best chicken pie.

So they took the pies to the pastry market in Paris and they started making them.

Mottell said she loves making the pie because it’s so good.

It’s really a simple pie, and that’s because we do everything in house,” she said.”

We make all the ingredients ourselves, including the meat and the vegetables, and then we make the sauce, and you can taste it,” she explained.

The sauce is made from a blend of herbs and spices and is served in a saucepan, then the pie is served with a little apple butter.

Mettell said the chicken meat and veggies add a touch of sweetness to the pie, while the apples add a little crunch to it.

After she and Patrick finished making the pies, they started working on their recipe for the chicken sauce.

They decided to use butter, but they wanted something with more flavor, so they used maple syrup.

While the chicken gravy is usually made from pork, the sauce is done from chicken fat, and the chicken is then cooked in a slow cooker.

The chicken is cooked in the chicken fat until it becomes soft and thick, then it is covered with a layer of French mustard and baked in a pan until it’s browned.

The sauce is then covered in a thin layer of sour cream, and served with mashed potatoes.

The chicken and gravy is served over toasted bread and topped with pickles.

For the chicken, they make the chicken broth from the pork and the skin and bones.

They add onions and garlic, and use chicken stock to make up the chicken stock.

They also add a dash of vinegar, which adds a lot more flavor to the chicken.”

The chicken pies are now sold all over the world, and Jenin says it’s the best pie she’s made.””

And it’s just perfect.”

The chicken pies are now sold all over the world, and Jenin says it’s the best pie she’s made.

“It’s a real hit with the kids,” she told ABC News.

And it tastes like a chicken.

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