‘This is what the UK would look like if it were in a world of cheese’: New £3m statue of a cheese-eating Queen at Buckingham Palace

By Emily HaganBBCNews.comWith a Queen in her 90s, and a new £3 million statue of the monarch to be unveiled next month, the UK is once again proving itself a world leader in the world of dairy.

The new royal cheese-saver is one of a number of new monuments dedicated to the monarchy that have been unveiled since the monarchy was restored.

But despite the fact that the monarch has made an effort to give a greater voice to the dairy industry, the dairy sector is suffering a lot.

And while the new statue will be unveiled in May, it’s not all sunshine and roses.

According to an analysis by the BBC, the economic impact of dairy on the UK economy is estimated to be £3.3bn a year.

The impact of the dairy on UK GDP is estimated at £4.4bn.

This includes all of the costs of the production of milk, the cost of transport and distribution, as well as the costs to consumers.

While there are several dairy products that are considered to be highly beneficial to the UK’s economy, such as cheese, dairy products are also heavily affected by climate change.

This means that climate change will also have an impact on the economy in the future.

According a recent report by the UN, the world is currently experiencing a period of “disproportionate” temperature increases, with temperatures increasing by 3.5C since 1951.

This is despite the UK having a warmer than average climate.

The UN report also warns that the UK will need to increase its dairy output to meet these changes, as it will be “inadequate to meet future global demand”.

The UN says that if we do not act, the impact on UK dairy industry will be catastrophic.

In fact, the latest World Dairy Outlook from the International Dairy Federation says that the country will need more than 3.8m tonnes of milk by 2050 to meet its current demand.

This figure is only expected to increase by 1.6m tonnes by 2040.

This could result in an additional 10 million tonnes of food being lost to climate change each year.

The UK has an estimated population of 8.7 million people.

According to the latest Census data, just 0.6 per cent of the population is aged under 18.

The Government has announced plans to increase milk production by 40 per cent by 2030, with plans to double production to 100 million tonnes a year by 2050.

However, the plan will require a lot of work to get the dairy economy going again.

The Royal Milk Company has estimated that the cost to produce the milk required to meet demand could be as high as £20bn.

The Government is working with dairy industry groups to try and find solutions, but the Government is also planning to raise money through a series of taxes to support dairy industry businesses.

The government has already promised to spend £100m a year to help support dairy farming.

But this is just a start.

The dairy industry is in a state of constant transition, and the Government has no control over the way it runs its business.

It is the responsibility of the UK government to keep our dairy industry in the right hands.

The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen visited Buckingham Palace to find out more about how the UK has become a world dairy superpower.

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