What to expect from the Republican Convention this year

Republicans are expected to hold their annual national convention in Tampa next month, which means a lot of people are going to have to get in the water for the convention, including the delegates.

But who’s going to do the work?

Here’s what you need to know about the delegates, who they’ll be voting for and who the Democrats are trying to flip.1.

Who are the delegates?

The RNC is trying to win over the voters who are most interested in the GOP, and it’s not just delegates.

The RNC is also trying to convince some of the more conservative Republicans who aren’t going to vote for Trump to vote against Trump in the fall.

This will help the party’s bid to win the White House.

The RNC has been doing its best to get the word out about the convention to the Republican base, which is why it created a Facebook page to advertise the convention.

The site, called The RNC, also has a “tweet of the week” section that includes a selection of Trump’s tweets on the topic.

Some of these tweets include this one from February 6, when Trump called the Democratic National Convention a “total sham.”

The RNC, for its part, has made its efforts to reach out to delegates.

It sent an email to every RNC delegate in February that included a list of topics they’d like to see addressed during the convention: “1.

Address the role of race in our society.


Address racial and ethnic disparity in our criminal justice system.


Address climate change.


Address income inequality.


Address public schools and healthcare.


Address healthcare affordability.


Address student debt.”

The emails also included an “open letter to Republican leaders” that said “you are all the reason why this election is important.”1.

What’s the convention going to look like?

The convention will be a big deal for the GOP.

The last convention was in 2000, and that convention was the last time there was a majority of the delegates to the national convention.

This year, the GOP will have a majority that’s smaller than in previous years, and some of that has to do with the fact that the party wants to win back the House of Representatives.

The convention has been on the drawing board for months.

The committee that made up the RNC is working on a list for the state delegations, which will be able to pick and choose which members they want to nominate.

The state party is also considering which candidates will be on the ballot, including Trump.

The DNC is going to be working with the RNC to decide which of the candidates will get on the ticket, and the state party will be deciding which of its candidates will have to be on it.

The convention will also be working to get states on the list, so there will be more representation of Democrats in the House and Senate than Republicans, and all the candidates on the slate will have their names on it, so that the convention can vote on them.

But if there are still problems, the convention will still have to figure out which of those problems are going be fixed by the state parties.

This is the first time in history that there will have been a Republican convention, and there will certainly be a lot to fix.2.

How will Trump win the nomination?

There’s no telling what the convention could do.

Trump has already been criticized by many conservatives for his tone and rhetoric, which makes him a potential spoiler in November.

But there’s no reason to think he’ll get a massive bounce from the convention if the GOP is losing.

Some conservative Republicans are worried that Trump will have an easy path to the nomination because he’ll be able get a lot more delegates on the convention floor than any other candidate.

But this is just a wild guess.3.

Who’s going get the nomination this year?

There are two types of delegates in the Republican Party.

One is the elected officials who are running for the House or the Senate.

The other is the party leaders who are the party standard-bearer.

Each party has three members in the Senate and five in the Congress, and they’re not exactly on a strict timetable.

If the GOP were to nominate Trump as its standard-of-honor candidate, it would likely be to nominate a number of the same people.

There’s no indication that the Republicans have a clear plan for how to proceed with this.4.

What is the process for choosing the nominee?

The party has four nominating conventions to decide who’s on the party platform committee and who’s in the convention process.

The platform committee is composed of elected officials, party leaders and party leaders, all of whom must approve a draft of the platform before it can go to the floor.

The party is using its platform committee to pick delegates to its national convention, which in turn selects the presidential candidate, which gets its own platform.

The party is going into the convention with a platform, but there’s nothing that prevents a candidate from being elected in a different state.

There are a

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