‘The most amazing thing’ is ‘a pastry chef’, says chef

A pastry chef has won the prestigious 2017 International Pesto Cookbook Award.

The book, which is published by Del Rey, features more than 2,500 recipes for savoury and sweet dishes.

The awards recognise the best in the world’s artisanal and artisanal food and beverage industry.

The winning chef, from France, said he was honoured to be recognised by the award.

“My pastry chef book is about what makes pastry so amazing, and what I like about pastry,” said chef Pierre Boudot.

“I wanted to make people want to go back to that, and have that passion for pastry.”

I wanted a book that would tell people to go to a pastry shop, ask a pastry chef to help them make their pastry, and share it with their friends and family.

“He added: “People have so many amazing things that they can share with us.

People have so much fun making delicious pastry.

I love making my own, so that’s what my book is all about.

“He said the book was inspired by the “soufflé” that he made in his kitchen.”

This soufflé is like the pastry chef.

Read more about pastry chef:The book is available for pre-order now.”

It’s the simplest, but it’s the most amazing pastry that you can make.”

Read more about pastry chef:The book is available for pre-order now.

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