New York City bakery opens a bakery with a touch of NYC heritage

New York’s oldest bakery is opening a bakery that is inspired by the New York of old, and even more so, its past. 

A bakery called The Sweet Shop at 16 W. 31st St. is located on West 31st Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

“It’s like a bakery, you know, it’s a bakery-themed store,” co-owner Amanda Jones told the WSJ. 

The bakery, which opened in September, is a mix of pastries, baked goods and other baked goods, including cakes and cookies. 

It has a menu of baked goods from pastries to pastries. 

Jones said the bakery is open seven days a week, and she has been planning for its opening for a while. 

She said that the owners are hoping to open the shop in the spring of 2021. 

 “We have a great team, we have some great ingredients,” she said. 

There are plans for the bakery to open a second location in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood in 2021.

The SweetShop will have a bakery section with a full menu, with pastries and baked goods. 

Other things to know about The Sweetshop:  The Sweet Shop opened in 2019, and was closed in 2019.

There are two locations in the New England area, with the shop located in Manchester, Massachusetts and at the New Haven, Connecticut bakery.

The SweetShop is located at 16 West 31 St. in Manhattan, New York.

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