‘What a great day’: Inside Google’s massive factory in Heidelberg, the world’s largest open-air manufacturing facility

We got a peek inside Google’s new factory in the German city of Heidelburg, where Google is building a factory that will create the world s biggest and most powerful factory in history.

But it’s also the worlds largest open air manufacturing facility, and it’s only the second in the world to make so many Google Glasses at once.

It’s a massive factory, and we’re not talking about the usual factory scale.

Google is producing 1.2 million Glasses in its factory alone, but this factory is a far bigger operation than most other factories in the United States.

It will have 1.8 million employees, including 100,000 people in the factory, according to Google.

We were there to take a look at how Google is putting a lot of its power behind this project, and how much of it will actually be made in-house.

Here are some things we learned.


Google Glass will only make 2.5 million pieces of Glasses Google has built a whole bunch of Google Glass prototypes in the past, and some of them will be shipped to customers around the world.

This factory will have 100,0000 pieces of the Glasses that Google has already made in the lab, and they will be assembled in-houses in the same facility that Google makes the Nexus 7 tablet.

But Google’s goal is to make the Glass as much as possible in-person, so the Glass won’t be shipped anywhere.

Instead, the glass will be manufactured in-labor, which means that all of Google’s glass is made by people who are not employees of the company.

This process is called in-product assembly, and when you’re manufacturing Glasses, you get to know a lot about the product by actually making it in-process.

The process is a lot more complicated than simply manufacturing in-home.

Instead of manufacturing Glass and then shipping it out to customers, you need to make sure that the Glass is as durable as possible, and that you are able to assemble it and test it.

In-product assemblies are incredibly labor-intensive, and Google’s current in-office assembly process, known as production line assembly, has a very long history.

Glasses are made by assembly workers who are paid in cash, and who also have to wear the hardware for months at a time.

Google wants to avoid this whole thing by putting Glasses into the hands of employees.

This makes sense for Glasses because employees are supposed to wear Glasses as a part of their work day.

Glass is a new form of wearable computing that makes people more comfortable interacting with their phones.

But because Glass is made in an in-line production line, the assembly line also makes it more difficult for workers to keep their heads above water.

The Glass factory will also make Glasses for other things.

Glass can be a part or accessory of a device.

Glass won”t be sold in the regular Google store.

Glass will be made by Google in-sourcing from other Glasses.

The Google Glass store, which will have a big physical presence, is currently stocked with other Google Glass-compatible hardware.

Google plans to use Glass to help it find and build new products for users.

Google says that it will use Glass as a way to make products that are easier to build.

Google hopes that Glass will give people access to the internet faster than a regular phone, which is something that the current internet infrastructure doesn’t do very well.

Google also wants to use Google Glass to be a tool to help people manage their digital life.

This means that Google will be developing products that will help people monitor their digital lives, to find and fix issues, and to communicate with each other.

Google will use Google glasses to be part of the Google ecosystem.

Google has partnered with a lot different hardware vendors to build Glasses with different capabilities.

Google and Apple partnered on the Nexus 6, for example.

Google recently partnered with Panasonic to build the Glass Pro.

The other partners include Alcatel-Lucent, Fujitsu, LG, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Samsung, and ZTE.

Google said that its plans to start using Glasses to make a variety of products, including a wearable video recorder.

It also plans to release other devices with Glasses built into them, like a smartwatch that will work with Google’s Daydream VR headset.

Google’s vision for Glass is clear: It will be the internet of things that’s so powerful, so useful, and so pervasive, that we will all have to rely on Glasses more than ever.

It seems like Google will have an incredibly ambitious plan for Glass in the coming years.

Google isn’t the only company that’s working on Glass.

Samsung has also been working on a wearable device for years, and Microsoft is working on wearable hardware for mobile devices.

But all of these projects have faced challenges.

Google just completed its first Glass prototype,

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