‘My wife and I will not be able to afford the costs of a wedding cake’: I was asked to bake the wedding cake for my wife’s first marriage

A baker in London’s north has told how he was asked by his wife to bake a wedding party cake for her first marriage.

Speaking to the Mirror, Peter Jones said he was given a call from his wife’s father, who asked if he wanted to be a pastry chef.

Mr Jones said: “They were like, ‘OK, if you want to bake this for the wedding, we will do that’.”

Mr Jones then told the Mirror he was told to make a “white pastry” which would be made from pastry cream and then baked into a cake.

Mr Smith said he then told his wife he was sorry he could not afford to bake for her wedding, but that he wanted the cake to be made to suit her tastes.

He said: I don’t think I was prepared for the fact that it would be a wedding cakes’ speciality.

The wedding cake was made to Mr Smith’s wife’s taste.

Mr Bell said: He asked me if I would do a white cake and I said, ‘yes, yes’.

I don-t think he knew that there would be so many people involved in it.

Mr Campbell said he also told Mr Jones he was going to make him a white pastry, which he did, and that the cake was then baked in a white oven.

The couple have now moved on from their wedding day and have decided to celebrate their marriage in a new way, and have bought a “mixed-use” house on a “wedding street”.

Mr Jones told the paper he was so moved by the experience, he was planning to do the same again for his future weddings.

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