‘The savory pastry’ has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years, but how did it get its start?

It is an incredibly popular dessert, and the combination of savory and sweet ingredients has been a favorite among dessert lovers for years.

But just how was this recipe originally created?

We spoke to the pastry chef who created it, to learn more.

This was a classic pastry recipe.

It’s very easy to make, very straightforward, very simple, and very delicious.

[The] recipe is based on the Greek pastry, which is a pastry with the pastry filling, the cream filling, and butter, the filling and butter.

So it’s a pastry that has a lot of butter, a lot cream, and a lot sugar.

So there’s a lot going on in this recipe.

The cream filling is very buttery, and then there’s sugar, and there’s some salt.

And that’s a classic recipe, and that’s what we use in all our pastry recipes.

We add the salt and the cream to it, which helps it to rise.

It’s the same for the pastry, the same ingredients, the very same process.

So we’ve been doing it for quite a while, so it’s been a classic.

The recipe has been around for a long time, and it’s actually a Greek pastry.

So it’s an old tradition.

But we were lucky enough to find a new source for this recipe and we got it from a Greek restaurant in Barcelona.

We got it on a day trip to Spain and it turned out to be really good.

So that’s why we used it.

The process of the pastry was simple.

You use the pastry to rise, which makes the cream more dense, which gives it a better texture, which we think is great.

And the salt helps to bind the cream and butter together.

Then it’s made into pastry.

It starts to rise and then it’s done.

So you put the pastry in the refrigerator and it rises for two to three days.

It has a very good consistency.

It has a nice, thick, dense pastry that’s going to be great in any dish, but it’s so easy to cook and it tastes wonderful.

So the first step was just to start from scratch.

We found a recipe online that says to put the butter in the fridge and then you add the sugar and the salt.

We put the sugar, the salt, and we then put the cream in the pan.

We had to use a pastry brush to brush the butter over the sugar to get that rich texture.

We put the filling in the cream.

We used this old Greek pastry recipe and that gave us the cream, which then gets melted, which melts the sugar in the filling, so that the cream doesn’t separate from the butter.

Then we put the whipped cream over it and put the top of the cream on top.

We just had to add some sugar.

The sugar melts the cream together, so the sugar is dissolved in the whipped creams.

Then it’s ready.

It goes in the freezer, and when you’re ready to make it, you just put it in the oven.

It comes out the oven, the pastry is still warm, it’s warm, and everything is ready.

The pastry is very soft.

It comes out of the oven with just a little bit of cream.

It doesn’t melt at all.

It melts in the microwave and when it comes out it’s just soft and chewy.

It tastes amazing.

It really does taste like a pastry.

We don’t know if it’s because it’s very soft or if it was a little too soft, but the cream does melt in the creams, and in the finished pastry it’s super-soft and chewable.

It actually melts in a pan and then when you put it on the plate, it melts and the texture is so amazing.

It makes you want to eat it.

It also melts in your mouth, so you get a bit of flavor.

So we’ve made a lot more of these savory pies and they’re always the most popular.

And we love to make them.

But there are many other versions that we can make.

It really is a great recipe.

We like to make these, because it is very simple.

It is very easy and it has a great consistency, which allows you to cook the pie as often as you want.

So they are great in almost any dish.

We’ve had them at our restaurant for quite some time.

We make them for special occasions.

They are always really popular.

I mean, it is one of those classic recipes that you can find in the dessert menu.

We are really happy with our customers.

We’ve made them for weddings, we make them at home.

And it’s amazing to see the people who love to cook.

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