How to make your own Indian pastry house cake

The Indian pastry shop that made its name with its sour cream pastry is getting a new name and a new focus.

The owners of Indian pastry are announcing the opening of a new bakery in Indianapolis next month.

The shop will serve up savory and sweet pastries and other snacks.

The shop’s name is “Sour Cream Pancake House” and the owner says it will be a family-friendly shop with a passion for the food, the family’s history and its traditions.

“The bakery will be named after the original owner, and it will have a large, family-oriented kitchen,” said Joshi Rajani, the new owner.

“It’s going to be very different from any other bakery in the country.”

The name of the shop is going to reflect that.

The name will be “Sours Cream Pancakes,” Rajani said.

It will be located in the former Indian Tobacco Building at 2710 W. Jefferson.

The building is owned by The Indian Tobacco Company.

Rajani said he has been working on the idea for about six months, working with a small team of people.

He said the new location will also be a new chapter in the shop’s history.

The store will have “the most authentic Indian recipes, from spices to desserts, to desserts from the past,” Rajan said.

Sours cream is a combination of cream and milk, he said.

The owners have been working with local vendors to create the pastry and make it more affordable.

They will be opening the shop on Nov. 11.

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