Which is better for your health? New York Times pastry chef answers

The best pastry dough canale rolls are made from all the different types of pastry doughs that can be found in supermarkets.

They’re not the same as the ones you can buy at the bakery, but you can still make your own at home.

This is because you can make a pastry dough from any type of pastry you can find in the store.

But there are some doughs you just can’t get anywhere else.

For instance, when you get a batch of the dough from a pastry shop, it will probably be one of the cheapest you’ll ever get.

This dough will be made up of a mix of the different kinds of pastry flour and the different versions of pastry that can come from different factories.

And you’ll have to find the exact mix that makes the dough you want.

To make it at home, however, you can take a pastry sheet from the bakery and roll it out to the desired size.

If you want to make one of these rolls, you’ll need to go to a bakery, cut it into sheets, and then cut it out and lay it on the counter in a certain pattern.

You can then shape the dough into a ring.

There are many types of dough, but the most common types of flour are: white flour (like white flour in pastry baking)

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