When the Duchess of Cambridge visits an apple pie bakery in London

The Duchess of Edinburgh is visiting the popular apple pie shop Blueberry Puff in Westminster on Thursday, November 6, 2019.

This is the first time the Queen has visited the Blueberry Pie Shop, which has become a favourite for all visitors to Westminster Abbey.

Blueberry pie is a traditional dessert made with a mixture of apples, cream and sugar.

It is served at royal family functions and is also known as an ‘apple pie’.

A special treat is to be served with it, which includes a tart filling and pastry cream.

More stories from across the pond This is a special event because the Duchess is a patron of BlueberryPuff, which opened in September 2018.

The Duchess has said she wants to make the event a highlight of her visit.

We hope to see you there on November 6. “

It’s a great way to see the Abbey, and to see what we’ve got in store for my next visit to London.”

We hope to see you there on November 6.

The BlueberryPie shop is located at 14-15 Paddington Road, Westminster, W1A 3QA, and has been named the UK’s most visited pie shop.

A royal family holiday is being planned on the occasion of the Duchess’s visit.

The Blueberry pies are available for purchase from 11am on Friday and will be available at the shop from 1pm on Friday.

Visit the Blueberries page for more details about the special day and visit Blueberrypuffs.co.uk to purchase the pies online.

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