What to do when you find out your favorite choux pastry shop isn’t actually a choux shop

The best-known choux bakery in Switzerland has a few new owners, but one is still waiting for his order.

We asked a few people on Twitter to describe what it’s like to eat a chouche in the city where they grew up.

We also asked people who have been there before to share their own experiences.

One of them was Nacho, a 39-year-old from Bologna, who opened his first shop in a busy market last year.

His owner is an Australian named Rob.

Nacho told us that the only people he’s had to order at his store are “cute guys.”

“They have to wait for you,” Nacho said.

“I like the guy, and I know he’s very passionate.

It’s a little bit like a secret handshake.”

The restaurant is called the Choux Doughnut, named after the tiny flour-and-cinnamon doughnut-shaped doughnut shop in the Château d’Orsay that Nacho and Rob run.

They also make a chèvre, or a pastry that has been baked in the oven, in a different style.

The restaurant’s décor includes a few things that are familiar to anyone who’s ever eaten a chocolatier’s shop, such as the choux and chocolate covered truffles on the menu. But the décor also has a new twist.

Nachos menu includes a chuunibre (a thick-crusted stuffed doughnut), and the bakery’s pastry chef, Nacho’s brother, makes the doughnut truffle with cinnamon.

This isn’t the first time that a chúche has been opened in Bolognese.

The first chúchoux shop opened in 2008, and two more opened later that year.

The name Choux, pronounced ch-oh, means “bakery.”

The shop opened to the public in the town of Chèvre in 2008.

It wasn’t until 2013 that a small shop in Chève in the northeast became the first choux to open in the world.

The new owner, Gérald, opened the shop in Bregenz, the capital of the state of Burgundy.

“I had a really hard time getting the right name,” Gérold told us.

“Choux means bread, dough, and bread.

And we were looking for something a bit more poetic.”

Gérols sister, Christine, also owns the shop.

But Christine is a newbie.

“There were a lot of people who didn’t know what to call it,” she said.

Christine said she wanted to name the shop after her mother, who also opened the first shop.

“She made it her mission to make it special for people,” Christine said.

When she opened the second shop in 2015, the shop changed its name to Choux.

The Choux restaurant opened in Burgundy in 2017, and Christine and Gérolyne also opened a second shop.

The owner, Francesco, opened a third shop, the Chèche.

The names Choux and Chouche are very similar.

But in both cases, the names come from the French word for doughnut.

So the Chouches name has been translated to “choux doughnuts” and the Choyces name to “bougies.”

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