How to make mexicano pastries that will never fail

When my daughter, Marcela, was born, I found myself at the grocery store with her.

She had a special love for pastries, and I had to get the recipes.

I could only get her one recipe: a creamy, golden yellow and sweet orange-colored pastry that she loved to eat.

The recipe was inspired by her favorite pastries.

But this one was the most difficult recipe to make.

It was a blend of cream and sugar that she would gobble up so quickly and had to make several times to make it taste as good as it looked.

The only way to make her taste like she was eating the pastries was to keep them in the freezer for months at a time.

To make it last longer, I was forced to make them all from scratch.

(The recipe, of course, has to be made ahead of time and can’t be frozen for any extended period of time.)

The end result is the perfect recipe to use up all the leftover cream and butter, along with some extra sugar, until you are ready to start eating them.

I was so grateful to find a recipe that I could make at home.

Marcelia, 8, will soon be getting her first taste of Mexican pastries from mexico, but I had no idea that the recipe would have such an effect on the family’s life.

Marcesla’s recipe was the result of months of research and trial and error.

I am thrilled that Marcelas has now discovered her dream food.

It’s a way to celebrate a special moment of love and to make us smile with our homemade pastries! Read more

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